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and you loved my dark


touch me now, honey.
kiss me quick, baby.

it'll be o'r
the sooner than we think.

for i'll die on a twentyeight
and my glass will be empty.
there will be eternity.
promise no grief.
i'll never leave.
never far away.
i promise.



mababasag ang luha
ng kandila
tuwing papatak
sa ikatlong baitang
ng hagdan.

pumikit ka't dumalangin
kaluluwa niya sa kaharian
ng diyos,
nawa'y tanggapin.



talk to me as if you see me.
hug me as if you can feel my body.

ill be everywhere-
the keys on your computer.
a taxi driver.
the water coming from the head of the shower.
a star shining bright.
a book on your shelf.

talk to me as if you can see me.
hug me as if you can feel my body.


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